the fence is sharp, don't sit on it

Happy Birthday Chen!

happy birthday, my dear friend. 365 days is a long time.

A note on a special snowflake, angela.


In light of your recent applications and reference letters, I thought I'd write my own, to submit into the universe. 


To the mysterious group of people deciding a slice of Angela's future,

I am extremely grateful for the serendipitous force that brought Angela into my life. She is my friend and my muse. I am writing to you to express how important she is to the world and how important she will be to your program. Let me persuade you with a few stories about her infectious enthusiasm, audacity, and authenticity.

I really became friends with Angela after we both graduated undergrad. I caught Angela at a time of great chaos, she was deep within a trough of doubt. She expressed her discontentment with her job, her living situation, and her relationship. Some weeks later when I caught up with her again, I was surprised to find that everything has changed. In her bold Angela way, with an eye-catching outfit to match, she made sweeping motions and transitioned into the career of her dreams, moving onto new relationships in her life. I will later come to recognize this as one of Angela’s hallmark traits. She is action oriented, she is brave, and she is not afraid of change. 

I trust Angela as a friend; she’s refreshingly honest both with me and with herself. Earlier this year I had taken a leap of faith - I quit my job, I moved away, I moved home, and started down a career new path. At some point I hit a wall; anxiety and impostor syndrome enveloped me as I looked through Linkedin profile after Linkedin profile decked out in credentials that felt far beyond my reach. Amidst her running around, she managed to take a few minutes for me. She always has something constructive to say. She asked me to reevaluate why I was freaking out about the credentials of today when we should be busy solving the problems of tomorrow, drawing upon the time she actually met one of these Linkedin profiles I’ve been boggling over in real life. 

On paper, Angela is proud of her world renowned pedigree and her breadth of experiences within the impact space. In person, she embodies our human potential to create the world we want to live in, and she does so with humility, humour, and style. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Angela’s your girl! 

Sincerely, very sincerely,

Lisa Guo October 2017